Sunday, September 7, 2014

Overdue Update

It's been a whirlwind few weeks. We've been out of town on mini vacation last weekend and here we are three days away from ER and I've not updated this blog. The truth is this cycle is going well... SO well and I'm scared to jinx it. 

So here's the update in a quick nutshell. Started stims last Friday. Pulled over on the side of the road enroute to our vacation destination for my first shot because we forgot to do it before we left. The weekend spent with good friends was so awesome that we were repeatedly late for our shots and had to set alarms to remind us. (A far cry from our usual sit-and-watch-the-clock process). While we were away I ate what I wanted, drank with friends and just totally relaxed. Because we were away we didn't get to do our first u/s until day 5 of stims... And.... We had TEN follies responding!!! Two were pretty far behind though. So really just 8. But let's look at past cycles... #1: 3, #2: 4...

Had an updated u/s this morning and it looks like 8 for sure are gonna make it to ER. Largest one at 17mm, but most are hovering around 14mm and my smallest are 11 and 12. With the outside chancers at 8 and 9... So they won't be counted.

ER was scheduled for Wed but we're waiting and extra day to get the 11 and 12 up to above 14.  So I trigger Tues.

Better run... I have a bunch of meds to try and scrounge together to cover me for one extra day!

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