IVF #1 Timeline

9/14/13 - Accepted into upcoming trial for over 35s with DOR.

1/14 - Finally trial starts after delays due to govt shut down.

1/14/14 - CD3 testing to check if we qualify for trial.
AFC:  17 (8 Rt, 9 Lt)
FSH:  8.9
E2:  50.1
 1/15/14 - Start Desogen BCPs.

1/23/14 - We both start Doxycycline

1/30/14 - Updated Pap

2/4 - Hysterosono and Test Transfer
      - Start Lupron
      - AFC 8 & 6

2/7 - Last day of BCP

2/10 - If CD1 then U/S E2, LH & FSH
        -  Cannot start study drug, lining still too thick 6.1mm needs to be 5mm
AFC:  12 [5 Rt (5mm) , 7 Lt (6.11mm)]
 2/24 - Trigger Day (Ovidrel)

2/27 - Retrieval Day, 3 retrieved, 3 mature, 1 fertilized with ICSI (2 didn't fertilize)
[Due to less than 5 eggs retrieved no longer qualify for second round in this Afolia study. Bummed. :(]

3/1- Transferred 1 8cell, grade A embryo. Lining described as excellent.

3/10 - Period started.  I am out 6 days before OTD and 9dp3dt. :(


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