IVF #3 Timeline

IVF #3 is really IVF #3 & 4 and they are likely not going to be full cycles, rather two retrieval cycles to bank embryos for PGS (genetic testing). IF we have any normal blasts come out of testing, we will transfer it/them.

Protocol:  Micro Ovidrel Down Reg

- Ganirelex
- Leuprolide Acetate Trigger
- Follistim  (LOTS AND LOTS of Follistim)
- Doxycycline
- Valium
- Micro Ovidrel

Retrieval #1:

AFC 12 follies
10 follies responded
8 over 10mm
9 over 15mm and one straggler at 10mm with 2 days to go.  


9 follicles
7 retrieved
5 mature
3 fertilized
1 morula
0 day 6 blasts
0 embryos sent for testing

Retrieval #2:

We're thinking about skipping this and moving on to donor eggs. :'(

More details to come...

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