Saturday, December 13, 2014


Today is 9sp3dt and I decided to throw caution to the wind and POAS. It was  0230 am and seeing nothing but stark white blankness I tossed the test aside and went back to bed. Got up to pee and saw it lying there 3.5hours later and dudes.... There's a line!!

It's not even a squinter!!!!!

But... 1) It wasn't within the 5min window, 2) I had an HCG Booster shot on Tue. (And I didn't test it out).

Right now I feel cramps coming on...

4days since 2,500 iu booster HCG?  It barely shows up for me when I even trigger. This line is about the same as my trigger test line. :/

Beta not till Fri!!

ETA: this morning was an Internet cheapie and I know that evaps are common. Hubs went and got us an FRER and I tested with a couple drops of 4th MU... Two lines. Clearly.

Clinic says not to get excited till Tues 7 days post hCG booster. Arghhh!!


  1. Whoa...I wish I could help! I know nothing about HCG boosters or how long it would stay in your system. Arghhh is right! I hope this is it but I think you need to wait a few more days! Or you could start testing everyday, and if the line gets darker instead of lighter, then that'd be a pretty big clue...

    1. We've decided to test on cheapies to compare lines. But according to my clinic if I get a line Tuesday morning then I can come in for beta. She didn't sound too hopeful. But I know that my triggers and previous boosters are gone pretty quickly 2 days for boosters and 3 for triggers. This line is as dark as the one I got day after trigger.

      Right now every back ache or belly twinge has me running to check for AF but I know that with this much estrogen and progesterone in my system AF is highly unlikely.

      Guess waiting is all I can do. Please let this be the one. I love the idea of the little underdog embryo being a winner. Hubs just got a great new job. It's a brand new year and 2014 has been stupendously shitty. I Feel like I've earned it. Thanks so much for stopping by to check on me!