My Story

2003 - Move in with cute Dutch boyfriend. Dutch guy assures me that his childhood battle with meningitis has left him impotent. This sucks - but I am 25, traveling and not concerned about children. I stop the Depo shots with great glee.

2005-2006 - Meet and marry American pothead (don't ask... I dunno...).  Pothead and I live on different continents for the first year of our relationship, and then the first 10 months after we are married (visa issues) and so BCP is completely unnecessary.

2007 - Holy crap!  I am 29 and we haven't had any "natural surprises"!  Tired of waiting till we are financially stable enough for a child (as if that EVER happens) I start temping and charting my cycles with timed intercourse.

2009 - Okay... something is up. Pothead has his sperm tested. Volume is "lower than we'd like" and motility is "less than ideal" but nothing too bad according to the doc.  Recommends that we meet with an RE for further testing.  We start saving up. I again launch into a "you have to quit pot" tirade.  Our sex life is non existent.

2010 -  Our relationship falls apart.  He still refuses to quit smoking pot.  Sex life is still non existent.

2011 -  I've had enough and end it.

2012 - 34 yrs old, I meet Mr. R who has two kids and a vasectomy.

2012 - December, we meet with an RE about a vasectomy reversal.  We discover it's been too long and IVF is our only option, but my age gives us a decent chance of success.  We do more tests and discover that I am not as healthy as we thought, I have DOR, MTHFR and I am a carrier for Andermann Syndrome. Oh and he mentions some other colorful stuff that was later proven to be an error.  We start saving furiously.

2013 - May - RE tells us that while my numbers are improved (weight loss, diet, exercise changes) we still need to move on this asap - Aug/Sep at the latest.

2013 - July, I move into the "over 35" age bracket

2013 - September, we find out that we qualify for a study beginning in October.

2014 - January, FINALLY the trial begins after delays because of government shut down.
2014 - March. 3 eggs were retrieved. Only 1 fertilized, 1 transferred. - BFN

2014 - June - we start this madness again.

2014 - July - 6 Retrieved, 5 Mature & ICSI'd, 3 Fertilized.
                 - Transferred 3 on Day 3. 8A, 6A, 2A (probably arrested).
                 -  BFN

2014 - July - Back on BCPs
                 - Updated AMH drawn: 0.29 (back down after brief improvement earlier this year)

2014 - August - Laparoscopy to remove any new endo & polyps
                      -  Consult with Urologist about vasectomy reversal. Referred to urologist specializing in reversals.
                     - New cycle plan, Micro Ovidrel Down Reg - baseline 8/18

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