Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year. New Us. New Home. Oh... and the trial has started...

Yep!!!  We called last week to check in and make sure that the trial was still going to happen as we hadn't heard anything in a LONG time.

Nurse: "Oh yeah, the trial has started."

Mr. R (with me listening in): "Ummm... so... ummmm..."  *Looks at me expecting a full-scale meltdown of tears and drama.*

Nurse:  When can y'all come in to sign consents?

Mr. R: "So we're still IN???" Then to me, "WE'RE STILL IN!!!!"

I started my period late Sunday night and called on Monday to schedule CD3 testing for the next day.

So here's what I know so far:

1)  The trial is comparing a new antagonist with Gonal-F.  I will either be part of the control group using Gonal-F, or part of the test group using the new product -- name escapes me, and I don't have paperwork with me at the office.   

Some of you may balk at my lack of knowledge around this drug that I am allowing them to pump me full of... but those of you in a similar can't-pay-for-even-one-IVF-cycle-on-our-own boat will understand... "You want to inject me directly with urine from some post menopausal nuns but I get a cycle of IVF for free?  Sure. Where do I sign?"

2)  The trial required that I have more than 10, but fewer than 20 on my AFC.  I passed this phase with flying colors.  (Huzzah!  My repro system did SOMETHING right for once!!) Mr. R was the only one conscious enough to pay attention to numbers... I was just so deliriously excited to be in there with the dildo-cam that I didn't hear a word out of the nurse's mouth.  (Yes, I said deliriously excited and dildo-cam in same sentence.) Per Mr. R's memory my AFC was 8 on Rt and 9 on left so 17 total.  Phew!

3)  I also had a blood draw and we're waiting on the results of that to see if I squeak in and can participate.  They need my FSH to be no higher than 10 [Edit: correction 15].  As you can see from my two previous tests my FSH numbers can vary greatly.  19.8 back in Dec of 2012 and 10 in May 2013.  So we have all kinds of prayers, fertility dances, candles, etc lit that my body plays along again and shows them a number they will accept.

4)  I also have to have an updated HSG and I am ashamed to admit that while my lady parts have been incessantly poked and prodded over the last year, I am overdue for a pap, so that needs to happen as well.

Now for the good news... I am actually as we speak taking the first of the drugs I will be required to take to start this cycle.  Okay, so it's only birth control... but it's seriously the furthest I have been so far in this journey and I was so excited to take that little pill this morning I could have cried.  I feel like I am actively doing SOMETHING!!!

Of course on Friday my results could come back with an FSH reading of 20 and I could be out of the trial in one swift second... but for today I am enjoying this TEENY TINY thing.  It's a step forward and I have GOT to celebrate this.


  1. Wow, I would so not be in that trial with my FSH of 14 and my AFC of 9. You are one lucky girl, fingers crossed for your bloodwork results!

    1. I honestly cannot believe my luck! Of course it's going to end at some point... but for someone who traditionally has the worst luck ever I am shocked at how well my body is playing along this time. My IF brain is constantly on high alert for the next possible pit-fall though... Any time now the other shoe will drop and I will be pronounced a hopeless case.

    2. Actually I have since found out that they were looking for FSH under 15, and AFC of between 10 and 20. You'd only be one follicle over the limit and we both know that can change monthly. Let me see if I can find the link to my study... Here it is! and here: they list the locations... Wait, why do I think you're in Canada? Hmm....

    3. Wait... My nurse clearly doesn't know what she's talking about... Here are the inclusion criteria:

      Inclusion Criteria:

      35 to 42 years of age
      Indication for controlled ovarian stimulation and IVF or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
      Regular menstrual cycles (25-35 days)
      History of a maximum of two fresh cycle treatments in the present series of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) at the day of first screening (thawed cycles are not subject to that criteria)
      Body mass index (BMI) ≥18 and ≤38 kg/m2
      Basal FSH <12 IU/L (cycle day 2-5)
      Antral follicle count (AFC) ≥ 10 to ≤20 follicles with a diameter of <11mm (sum of both ovaries) as measured on ultrasound (US) in the early follicular phase (menstrual cycle day 2-5)
      Documented history of infertility due to any of the following factors: tubal factor, mild endometriosis (American Society for Reproductive Medicine [ASRM] stage 1-2), male factor, unexplained infertility
      Presence of both ovaries by ultrasonography and normal uterine cavity (confirmed by hysterosalpingography, saline infusion sonography or hysteroscopy within 6 months before randomization)
      Male partner with semen analysis that is at least adequate for ICSI within 6 months prior to patient beginning down-regulation (invasive or surgical sperm retrieval, donor and/or cryopreserved sperm may be used)
      Willingness to participate in the study and to comply with the study protocol
      Signed informed consent prior to screening