Thursday, December 4, 2014

4A and 2A

Apparently one of the "watched" embryos did split so we had a 2A this morning unexpectedly to add to our 4A.

This doesn't look good. 4 cells on day 3? Googling success rates has only confirmed my fears that this is the official end for us.. All this bedrest and restrictions feels like a farce.


  1. Oh, Freija. I hate this for you. Don't give up yet! But I know how you feel. Sending hugs.

  2. Both of my previous embryos were 4-cell grade 1 on day 3, out of four cycles. I tried to grow both of them to day five. Both of them became a morula on day 5. One of them became a blastocyst on day 6. We froze that one from a previous cycle and thawed it to transfer it with the morula. I know how it feels to have a slow growing embryo. I hope with all my might that these embryos will give you what you have been wanting! Rooting for you and thinking of you. <3