Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We're (quietly) at it again...

Yes. With my own eggs. After the stupendous failure of our "genetic testing cycle" we were exploring donor eggs with great gusto... Until we got the price tag. It's completely outside of what we can afford. Even with insurance covering my portion.

We have all co-pays and deductibles met for 2014 and we decided to squeeze in one last cycle with my own eggs before we call it quits and take a year off to reevaluate things.

It all happened so quickly. I got a call saying, we need you to start stims tomorrow. We're gonna skip the BCP." And we were off to the races. 5 days of stims and my first check up revealed 5 follie already at  14mm!! We had our ER on Monday - 7 eggs. Maturity- 6.

This mornings Fert report was sucky... 3 are definitely not fertilized. 3 others are possibly fertilized, but he doesn't see the poles so he can't be sure. It is POSSIBLE that the poles are disappearing as division is beginning - when he checked there this morning.. So tonight I am in a panic...  I either have 3 or nothing... And it's going to be about 10hours before I find out.

This cycle has been weird from the start and we had soooo hoped that  was a good sign. But today I've felt like really nothing has changed. 3 Fert, 1 day 3, no snugglers,  the end..

Please let me be wrong. PLEASE!!!

If we're lucky enough to have some day 3 embies we're putting them all back.  This is our Hail Mary. Our last ditch effort.

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  1. Yikes. I'm sorry you're in this situation yet again. Sending good growing vibes to your embryos.