Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Post Lap Surgery

Yesterday went well. I checked in to the small surgery center down the road from my RE's office, stood in the beautiful lobby that reeked of eau de old age home and filled out more paperwork. Answered questions about a living will and no, I don't have children.

Went to the back, filled out MORE paperwork answered more questions... No, I don't have kids. Yes, we're trying.

Anasthesiologist assistant came to ask questions. Yes I've had many surgeries in the past. No, I don't have kids.

Waited for them to send Mr R back and listened to the patients around me answering their questions. 3 other women. All of them in for tubal ligation. "Oh God yes we have kids. That ends today!" "Yep, our last one is 2." 

Finally Dr S comes in and I say, "Jeez doc, bad day for the infertiles to be in surgery! Listen to all the mommies talking about their tubals..." He apologized. I try not to be super sensitive about this stuff, but surgery jitters and all the kid questions... I dunno.

They gave me the pre-surgery happy stuff and I don't remember anything until I came around from surgery. Dr S spoke to Mr. R about the findings. Erg... He is awful with that stuff.  Here's what he remembers... 

There wasn't a lot of endo but he removed it all. I had some pre-polyp tissue which was removed and will be sent for biopsy. Mr R thinks he said my ovaries looked "great". He did a D&C and  closed me up. 

I won't hear from him until 8/26 because he is out of the office in 2 weeks when biopsy will be back.

We're still waiting on our protocol. I'm getting mildly impatient to be honest... Hopefully we'll get this soon. Also waiting on my AMH levels.

Next stop was urologist. What a waste of time that was... We waited, finally got in to see him and he said that he doesn't think he can help us. Yup. $50 copay. Rushing through big city traffic right out of surgery, spending 45 excruciatingly painful minutes in waiting room, followed by fighting to keep a clear mind during the consult only to discover that he met with our RE last week on our case and has decided to refer us to "the best" urologist in the country. The father of urological microsurgery. He feels that a standard vasovasectomy is not going to work in our case, and instead we need to do an epididymis-something-something. Basically, we're going to bypass the vas and reconnect directly into the epididymis.  Avoiding sludge. Tubes are slightly thinner, but we have a 50% chance of an acceptable SA using this method. While still sitting in office with Dr B I called (at his insistence) the new doctor, Dr L, trying to get an appointment. Earliest we can get? 9/25... Holy crap! We requested to be contacted if anything earlier opens up. I'll check in in 2 weeks. Don't want them to forget.

That's it. That's all the news we have. Today I am still in a little pain. Mostly stinging around wound sites. A little cramping but nothing even remotely close to my period pain, so I am fine. 


  1. Busy day for a lady having surgery! I hope doing all this stuff gets you the results you want. Feel better soon!