Friday, July 11, 2014

Fertilization Report

Had our call at 0730 this morning from the embryologist. Right now, of the 5 mature eggs that were ICSI'd we have one that has for sure fertilized and is starting to divide. Two more they're almost positive are fertilized. Last two aren't showing any signs of fertilization yet, but they'll leave them overnight and check again tomorrow. He says that with testicular biopsy sperm is hard to see polarization (?) I was half asleep for this call so my memory isn't perfect... But that's the issue with the two he THINKS fertilized.

Then he asked how many we plan to put back. Actually it went like this: "How many are you putting back? I mean with your age, previous failed cycle and diagnosis?" In other words, "Surely more than one right?" I replied that we're for sure returning two, and depending on quality we're considering 3. He sounded pleased with this and said that if that is the case, and we only have three that have fertilized then there is no sense in waiting till day 5 as we would only do that to help select the strongest ones. If we plan to put back all that we have then we may aswell go with day 3. 

I dunno why but I have this day 5 thing in my head as a goal. I know that success rates are pretty similar between day 3 and day 5 but I just want to put back a blast and KNOW we're in good shape.

I know that my decision to return 3 may be controversial. We live on land with my in laws and we're surrounded by close family within 2 minutes from our front door I work from home and don't have to work for us to survive. We're equipped for 3 should all 3 take - but we know that's highly unlikely. So now we're seriously considering 3 on day 3. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Should I push them to day 5? And why? 


  1. I think that you should listen to your doctor regarding day 3 vs. day 5. As for 2 vs. 3--in your shoes I would do 3 as I would worry about being able to freeze the last one at all and then having that one survive the thaw. I'd be nervous about three, but I would probably still do it. Especially since your Dr. is OK with 3.

    1. That's exactly my concern... I don't want to have to freeze one on it's own. Mr R is very happy with the increase in odds 3 means. We have the family support and the time and the means to handle 3 babies should they all take. I don't have many eggs left and I just don't want to waste any chances. RE is ONLY okay with 3 in my case because I am now over 36 (today actually!) he doesn't like it, but he's accepting of it. The embryologist thinks 3 is our best option and fully supports us. We're VERY comfortable with 2, comfortable with 3 and would be over the moon if just one took! I think we've made up our minds at this point. :)

  2. If they're sketchy quality then I don't think I'd have a problem putting back three on Day 3. My clinic always pushed for Day 5 but I would have had a lot more embryos put back in me than I actually have had if we did Day 3, since virtually none made it to blast. There's just something mentally about having nothing to transfer that is very hard to accept, even if you put back something sketchy on Day 3 to me it's better than nothing (although clinically some would say otherwise).

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