Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 35th birthday.  To most women this new year marks nothing more significant than being half way through their 30s, but to an infertile it marks a dreaded new category... Now I have to consider a whole new group of stats: "35-40" and of course, my success rate drops a few more points... I am trying not to focus on the numbers.  How do my eggs know that today they're another year older, right?  At least I have a plan and I am doing everything I can to ensure success.

Speaking of my plan, I want to share an update... It's not going well... (yup, I am just FULL of good news today aren't I?)  We JUST made it back to the $3,000 we had to dig into to make bills while Mr. R was between jobs and BAM, both cars need urgent work at the same time... Luckily we still managed to contain the fall out to a few ($500) hundred dollars but still.  Our donation site is not doing nearly as well as we had hoped.  We're selling some tickets for the raffle, but many friends have said they would buy and haven't and I just don't want to harass anyone... So our total donations now stand at $860.  I still have a side project to work on and invoice, but that will only bring in another $200-ish.  On the bright side tomorrow is payday and I worked an additional 28 hours of overtime this pay cycle, so I am going to throw that all on the pile.  I am NOT making any headway with the withdrawal of funds out of my old retirement account back in my home country. It's impossible to reach them at an off peak time given the time zone difference and my working nights.  I plan to make that happen this Sunday night if it means staying up till 3am to do so.

And that's about all the fertility related news I have.  I have a few emails that I need to respond to but with working all these extra shifts (we're SUPER short staffed at work right now) and birthdays (Mr. R was last Friday) I've been very distracted and busy.  It's rude, and I apologize profusely!  I promise to get back to you this evening.

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