Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'm in a STUDY!!!

We recently took a road trip and managed to tune into a radio station that Mr. R loves, but we can't get in our area of Texas.  It's a local station, but for some reason won't play for us out in the sticks.

I just got off work that morning and was dead tired and napping all the way to our 4 hour destination, but Mr. R heard an ad for an IVF trial for women over 35 years old and woke me up at the tail end.  I heard the name of a clinic which sounded something like mine.   You know how they are all named Fertility Treatment Center of, Texas Fertility Associates, Texas Center for Reproduction, etc. I wasn't totally sure... besides... if it was MY clinic, surely they would have let me know about a study, right?
We went about our camping weekend and I didn't give it another thought until Monday when we returned.  Mr. R reminded me to call the clinic and find out...

Guess WHAT?!?!?  It IS my clinic holding the trial and I DO qualify!!!!  (Why they didn't call me and tell me about it is beyond me since I am glaringly perfect for the trial since it's for DOR/POF over 35!) Anywhoo... I spoke with the nurse who gave their list of requirements and only two things are an issue... 1)  I have to have an FSH under 12... now my most recent reading was at a 10, but the one before that was at 19.... so who knows where it will be when the trial starts.  and 2)  There cannot be any male factor issues... we don't know about that. Mr. R as you know has two healthy children already, but he has a 15 year old vasectomy that may pose a problem.  We're meeting with the urologist on the 23rd to see about that, but luckily the fact that we will need to do a sperm aspiration for our trial does not disqualify us, but that portion will be out of our own pocket.  At $2,000  that's a DEAL!  The trial is also not completely free, it's going to cost me $1,500 but that is just 10% of the required amount for a self-pay so I am stoked!  We currently still only have about $8,000 saved because of various car troubles that have set our savings back, so when she said this I cried!  She was all freaked out -- really?  You deal with desperate infertiles every day and my crying freaked you out?  Wow!

One thing that struck me is that when she said, "There is a small cost involved." I replied, "I have $8,000 saved so far, what's the cost?" She said, "Oh no, with $8,000 you can do a few trial cycles..."  I was so shocked I didn't think to ask her what she meant by that... Ladies who have trial experience, can you tell me if these trials usually have multiple cycles?  Or is it a one time deal?  I don't want to be the squeaky wheel who keeps calling with questions so I don't want to call and ask.  Also... once you're accepted for a trial... don't you need to receive some paperwork or something?  I guess since they already have all my information since it's actually with MY RE they don't need much from me.  But all I have that says I am in the trial is her word (which I checked multiple times, "So I am in?  You're sure I am in?  I qualify for the trial right?  Okay, so for sure... unless my FSH is too high, I am in??") over the phone.  It's only been a week, and trial isn't due to start until first/second week of October... (they're waiting for their current trial to finish). Eeekk!!!  I feel like I want something written.  I want to have a to-do list.  I need something physical to make this feel more real!

So the plan... I have lost a bunch m ore weight since I last posted.  I am down to 188lbs which is 10lbs away from an official "Healthy" BMI.  I am proud of that.  But here's truth time... I did pick up a few cigarettes in the last few months.  I am not proud of it, but the stress got to me!  I am back on the quitting wagon now though and will be smoke-free again before the trial starts.  I also started slacking on all my supplements.  The harder it became to save money, the more despondent I became.  Honestly I had almost given  up hope when this trial option came up.  Now I am all about it again.  I will (HOPEFULLY) get one shot in this year.  And can continue saving for a second shot in the new year... unless of course this trial involves multiple cycles.  SQUEEEEEEE!!!

Okay, that's enough out of me.  Time to go check in on some other blogs now that I am feeling a little less sorry for myself. I am not proud, but at least I am honest, right?  xx


  1. That is way cool! I was accepted once for a MINI-IVF trial but had to drop out due to a job change. Ours was a one time deal-with ZERO cost outside of the testing if insurance didn't cover.

    Very cool for you! EEK!

  2. Oh wow! I am sorry that you had to drop out! I am beyond excited about this. Thank you for the feedback. Hopefully I heard right and this is a multi-attempt deal. *fingers crossed!*