Monday, February 24, 2014

Pull the Trigger

Final stim shot last night. Last Lupron this morning. My u/s revealed no newcomers to the follie party so we're going to retrieval with 3 follies. I'm disappointed, but you know... 3 will do. It's better than none.

Trigger is Ovidrel and I take it at 8pm. Tomorrow is a "free" day according to my calendar... Though I dunno how you can call taking the pre-retrieval enema downtime. Lol (P.S. Why has no one else mentioned a pre-retrieval enema on other blogs?)

I don't feel like this is going to be it. I am already planning IVF #2. But if nothing else, this will be a great learning experience for when we get to an out of pocket paid cycle where we can deviate from the plan determined by trial sponsors.

We're also wondering... Since this trial allows a max transfer of 2 3d embryos, what we should do if we have a third... IF we have a third. Do we freeze at 3days or push and see if it makes it to blast before freezing? Anyone have suggestions?


  1. Uh...I'm pretty sure none of mentioned an enema because none of us has HAD an enema. Seriously? Are they going in to get those eggs through your ass? I don't understand why that's necessary at all.

    1. LMAO! Right? I have no idea why the enema. I figured maybe since they were putting me under they were concerned about loss of bowel control?I have no clue! I just said yes ma'am and dashed out to cvs to pick one up.