Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lupron is a Go

After yet more fumbling around the scheduled appointment time for my hysterosono, test transfer and consent meeting yesterday we finally got in and got things going.

We started with the test transfer which went pretty well -- though there was a little kerfuffle at one point with the externo-wand.  Doc had to take over from the nurse trying to find my uterus and eventually found it way over on the left next to my hip bone... Is it supposed to be there?  He didn't seem too concerned about it.  He had to go ahead and get a new catheter which wasn't fun, but all in all if that's what the transfer will feel like I am super happy.  I expected much worse.

After that we went back in (a 3rd catheter) for the hysterosono.  This one HURT.  A LOT!  He found a couple of uterine cysts which he said were very common and not at all concerning.  Everything looked clear otherwise and he deflated the balloon and THAT was when it hurt for some reason.  I cried out it was so bad, and I have a very high pain threshold.  He seemed a little annoyed and kept telling me that he was deflating the balloon and there is no reason for that to hurt, in fact it should make me feel better... but it HURT. 

While he was in there -- and because no one knew if we were supposed to get an AFC before starting the Lupron -- we went ahead and did it, just in case.  He counted 8 on Rt and 6 on Lt which he said was pretty normal, he was happy with that, and glad that I didn't overachieve and hit 20 which would preclude me from the study.

After this we signed our consent forms and did the quick training on Lupron 101 and then I had my first shot.

This morning I took my second shot at home.  Mr. R smiles wide when he gets to stick me.  It doesn't hurt at all.  I don't feel the needle and I don't feel the site burning afterwards that I was warned about.  I also haven't had any side effects at all.  But it's still early days.

I continue to spot/bleed/spot and cannot wait to be done with the BCPs on Friday.  FINGERS CROSSED that the bleeding stops altogether so that I will actually be able to tell when my period starts and I can go in for CD1 testing to check if I am down regulated.  The nurse warned us that many of the study participants have found that they have not down regulated properly by the anticipated date.  If I do not down regulate then I am out of the study, so I was nervous about this, BUT... she says that we have 21 days for this to happen and they are happy for me to take up to 21 days on the Lupron and keep going back to check until things are silent before we continue and start the study drug.  HOPE that my body continues playing nicely with the trial!

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