Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Let the Insanity Commence...

This morning on a whim I took a CVS Early Pregnancy Test. There was SOMETHING... Mr R, who is color blind and has trouble with blues and greens saw nothing. I made the pic b&w and a skinny line was visible even to him. I am sure it was an evap - though the line I saw was in 1min... Now there is a clear blue SKINNY line... I feel it was an evap. But of course now the mania has set it and I need to pee on anything that isn't nailed down!! *Sigh*

Tomorrow morning I have a date with an FRER... Or two... It is still WAY too early to test, but my TWW brain doesn't give a hoot. I am testing and that's that.

Wish me luck please!

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