Saturday, March 8, 2014

This isn't "it"

Here we are, 6am on 7dp3dt, BFN.  Yes, I know this is still REALLY early.  I also know that I have an overwhelming feeling that I am not pregnant. I feel it in my gut. The first few days after transfer I felt all sorts of fluttering and bubbling in my belly. I had intense back pain that radiated into my hip joints. I felt something. Since Wed that has all disappeared. All I have now is a faint breast tenderness a lot like what I experience in the days leading up to my period, before the intense endo-fueled cramps start.

I took a tumble at work on Wed. I twisted my ankle and fell to my knees with a jolt. I keep thinking that maybe that's what happened? I mean, my instructions were to not lift anything heavier than a gallon of  milk so I am guessing that a fall to the ground from 6 feet is probably also not great for an embryo trying to implant.

Ugh! This sucks. I know I'm not out till either AF shows up, or I get a negative BETA but I am running seriously low on hope.  

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