Friday, August 1, 2014

Lap on Monday

Lap is scheduled for Monday and what a logistical nightmare this has turned out to be. Because of the far drive to our clinic and doctors, and Mr R having run out of vacation and sick days, on top of everything else we're also trying to limit the number of trips we make up there. 

So here's Monday's plan:

0845 - Mr R endocrine blood draw

0900 - pick up pre-op packet from RE office

0930 - Check in at surgery center

1030 - Laparoscopy

0130 - Drive time

0330 - Mr R urologist reversal consult

I'll be waiting in the car for his consult which scares me, but we don't have a choice.

So far so good with the timeline. Now we just need to hope that urologist will schedule Mr R for surgery right away. Ideally I'd LOVE it to be on Fri next, but Friday the following week will be okay. (Hoping it's a Friday so he doesn't have to take any days off for recovery).

So that's it. We're off to the races!

Btw... Still haven't received my schedule or meds list. Dr S is still conferring with his colleagues on the best approach. Take that prefab protocol filed under "Over 35, DOR"! Three days in on 21 days of BCPs, so we have time...


  1. Good luck with your lap tomorrow. I hate how we have to tie ourselves in knots to manage the logistics of IVF.

    1. I have become a scheduling and budgeting genius thanks to infertility. ;)