Thursday, May 22, 2014

What it Takes

My mind is blown.  After years of trying and saving and desperate pleas to God I am at last standing here with a GIANT box that is filled with the makings of my future baby/ies.

THIS is what it takes for me to have a child...  I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I know this isn't my first cycle, but really, this is the first "REAL" cycle. This is the first time I got to meet the Fedex guy carrying my giant box of meds instead of hanging around the RE's office waiting for labs to determine if I get to return home with the next batch of drugs.  My last cycle was really only Lupron, Gonal F, Ovidrel and Crinone (aside from antibiotics, valium and that blasted enema). We won't order our Lupron until closer to start, so that isn't pictured here.

Here's what is in each pic:
Crinone x 2 boxes
Follistim Cartridges x 4
Menopur Mixing vials
(And peeking in at top left, my needles)

Here we have:
Meopur vials again
Follistim pen and handy carrying case (boxed)
Q caps

And lastly:
- Novarel
- Syringes
- Q caps again
-Alcohol wipes
- Biohazard container

Awesome... making a baby (for me) requires the use of a biohazard container.

Honestly though... This box mostly makes me so ridiculously, incredibly happy!  I didn't think I would EVER make it this far.  We were so sure that we'd never be able to do another cycle if the trial didn't work and yet by the grace of God here I stand with a box full of medication standing on the doorstep of another cycle. We are blessed!  I am grateful.

T minus 11 days till CD1 (hopefully)


  1. My clinic gives us meds day by day, so I've never had them piled up like this. Definitely puts things in perspective! My Czech clinic also prescribes prednisone, which my clinic in Toronto doesn't. Do you know why they use it? I haven't researched it yet, but assume it's got something to do with suppressing the immune system.

    1. I briefly looked it up when I received my prescription. It's supposedly a steroid used to stop your body from rejecting the embryo - however I believe it's not really proven to have any tremendous benefit. I guess I am looking at this from a "more drugs = better chances" point of view.

      So the Czech clinic is a go?? I keep checking your blog for updates. *hint hint* lol