Sunday, September 29, 2013


I've been blog-stalking this weekend at work and I have realized that one of the first things I look for first at a new-to-me blog is the timeline.  How long have they been at this?  The length and intensity of a blogger's struggle has become important to me.

Stupid Stork once wrote a post discussing how we in the IF community have a tendency to "grade" each other by how long we've been trying, and use that grade to scale how much support we can muster for their struggle.  It's sad, but for me anyway... it's true.  I find that I am more supportive of someone who has

1)  Been in the trenches for a few years OR
2)  Been through more tortuous attempts -- though there is a small part of me that still is a little jealous over this person's ability to PAY for said multiple attempts, while we're being honest here...

It's an odd scale. Degrees, on degrees on degrees, but I dare you to say you don't have one and that you are equally supportive of Mary-It's-Been-3-Months-No-Luck and Jane-10Years-IVF#5-MC#3.

It occurred to me that I didn't have such a timeline anywhere on the blog detailing my IF struggles prior to Mr. R and that is where the bulk of my time in the trenches was spent so I added a handy second page you know... for your consideration when handing out support points. ;)

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