Saturday, September 28, 2013


Like what I did there?

Well, here we are a few months in to my supplements.  As I mentioned, I did skip a few days here and there back when I went through my gloom and doom phase, but I picked them all back up the day I found out about the study... and here we are exactly two weeks later and I am noticing some stuff that I want to mention and see if anyone else has had similar experiences.

1)  Spotting.  I have a little spotting almost every single day of my cycle, regardless of when I ovulate.  It's really minimal and (TMI) only when I wipe, but it's there.  It's not a problem other than it really puts a damper on any possible non-baby-making sex... :/

2)  I was due to start my period this week.  Don't ask me the exact date, but it was this week sometime.  (Note:  Due to the vasectomy there really is no point in temping and tracking my cycles since there is 0% chance of falling pregnant without assistance.  That, and the fact that charting is a BIG pain in the ass, plus the fact that I did it for 6 years during my previous marriage without success means that I just don't care to chart at the moment).  Anyway, I have all the period start signs: aching, swollen breasts; some cramping; some spotting (again this has been going on all month); some lower back pain... It's been like this for about 5 days now, but still no period and today is Saturday. 

3)  (TMI) Those Chinese herbs have seriously kick-started my digestive system.  I have never been as regular as they say.  I'm told you should "go" twice a day to be considered regular.  My whole life I have been an every other day kinda girl.  Not any more... Since starting the herbs (8 pills with every meal) I am going at least 4, sometimes 5 times a day.  Everything appears normal, but I am just going a LOT!  Did anyone else find this?  I mean, my acupuncturist said they would remove blockages but DAMN!

4)  I started the DHEA slowly this time, for the first few days I took just one pill a day with my nighttime supps, then I raised it to 2 pills, one at lunch and one at night.  This week I am up to the recommended dose of 3 per day and I am not noticing the same adverse effects I noticed the last time.  No DHEA rage at all!

5) Melatonin dreams.  Oh man, I sleep like a rock, but I have some crazy-ass, vivid dreams on this stuff.  And because I also drink so much water (1 gallon a day) I get up to pee 2-3 times a night, but the dreams continue when I get back into bed seamlessly.  I do find it harder to get out of bed when I take them, but I know that the sleep I am getting is better, more restful sleep so I just go to bed a little earlier than normal and set my alarm a little earlier too.  (I wake up at 4am for work, so the new 3:30am alarm isn't my favorite part of this!)

Other than that everything is going along swimmingly.  I am moving to two acupuncture appointments starting next week.  Still no official start date for the trial, but I am going to be all good on the acupuncture whenever it starts.  Nothing for us to do now but continue taking our supps and wait... Mr R took his first Clomid last night, will be back with an update on what/if he notices any effects.

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