Friday, January 31, 2014


The more things change... Haha

So on Wed I get a call from RE Nurse... (Nurse T).  She says that she has just realized that we will need to come BACK to the clinic on 2/4 to get my first Lupron, as the first one needs to be administered in the office and it HAS to be on the 4th.  Since I live 2 hours away this is not going to be convenient... driving all the way there on Mon for Hysterosono and TT and then again the following day for the shot, so instead she is going to move the hysterosono and TT to the Tuesday.  (Now the 4th date we've scheduled for these).

Then, while entering the info into the calendar she realizes that I am still needing an updated pap.  And that an updated (clear) pap is required before we can start the Lupron.  Results take 2 days, so she asks me to get in with my PCP or local OB to have that done on Thur... cos, you know, I live in a small town so a next day appointment with either of these docs is a piece of cake, right? Wrong.  So our only option was for me to take another morning off work, drive out to the RE office just for the pap.  I am still bleeding and I believe they don't like to do pap tests while you're on your period, but since this is very unlikely to be an actual period and the bleed is quite slow now, Dr. S just went ahead and did it anyway.  Now we just pray that their lab can get the results back in time and that they aren't skewed by the bleeding.

On Tues, I have to be there at 7am which will require leaving my house at 5am.  First we will sign consents, then we do the Hysterosono (I've been calling it an HSG as this is what I had before.  I am told that this is a Hysterosono which is slightly different and less invasive.  Who knew?) And after that we will do the Test Transfer.  If all looks good, and my pap result comes back clear then we will do the first Lupron.  Mr R will take his shot-giving lessons and I will be done with the long drives until the 10th when I hopefully start CD1 and can get my updates baseline testing done and start with the study drug.

On Wed my mother arrives from Canada and will be staying with us for 2 weeks.  Worst. Decision. Ever.  But I will suck it up and deal.  Mother is helping us pay for part of the $5,000 out of pocket expense of this cycle so I CANNOT complain.  Actually, I've not really discussed the costs involved with this trial here on the blog.

Here's what has come up so far:

$175 - Hysterono
$1,500 - IVF Test Cycle Fee
$1,750 - Clinic & Facility  charges for TESE (sperm aspiration as Mr. R has a vasectomy)
$1,000 - Urologists fee for TESE
$800 - Storage for sperm and any possible embies for one year

So if we weren't dealing with a Vasectomy we'd be getting a cycle for under $3,000 which is unreal considering we HAD been looking at $15,000!!

That's all I have for today. xx

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