Wednesday, November 11, 2015

All Aboard the Crazy Train

Quick recap:  Thur 11/5 (CD12)  u/s showed two 15mm follies on left side.  Sounded promising so we decided to put a little extra effort into sex over the next few days.

"A little extra effort" turned into the kind of mania one would expect from someone who has been actively trying to get pregnant for ten years... We did it 5 times over 3 days and I spent most of the weekend in bed with my hips raised.  So yeah, you know... we took the "don't stress over it, but let's see what happens" approach. haha

I THINK I O'ed on Sat 11/7 because I had some brown spots which sometimes happen mid-cycle.

Nipple pain started on 11/10

Today I've had very mild cramps -- a lot like my pre-period cramps but it's way too early for that CD18.  I have 10 days before I am due.

BUT... ten minutes ago I had for the first time in my life PINK CM.  I've had what I thought was pink cm before but it was more brown than this.  This was bright pink, and translucent and plentiful.  BUT... I am only 4DPO... maybe 5DPO... or maybe this is because I am O'ing today?

I swear I took a picture to show the hubs... but then I deleted it thinking I've probably scarred our sex-life enough this week...

Thoughts? (Aside from "Calm the F down")  Pink is good right?  I'm a freak...  cramps + pink = AF.

I am pre-menopausal.  My body has decided to start playing with my regular period time-lines.  This could be residual follicle fluid.  I probably damaged my insides with all the hand stands and sex marathon.

Shit!  Should I take Estrogen?  Progesterone?  I have a ton left over from my IVF cycles.  Is that considered self-medicating?

I need to calm the F down... 11/21 is a LONG way off.


  1. My body once gave me a 31 day cycle when I was normally 26-28 days. Talk about a mindfuck. You know what I'm gonna say. Don't get your hopes up, try to chill...but you never know. Stranger things have happened.

    1. Thank you! I hate that I'm doing this!! Ten days then I can get back to my real life and continue plans for Prague.

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