Monday, November 16, 2015

Donor Options

Still waiting to see what comes of our whirlwind ovulation weekend.  Any signs I had earlier this week are now well and truly gone, no more cramping, no more nipple pain, no more colorful CM - nada.  So I am fully expecting my period on Saturday. Not going to bother testing before then.

In brighter news I had an email from our Prague clinic rep today.  The doctor is satisfied with our pre-screening results and is ready to move forward.  But there's a new snag in the works.  The hubs lost his work contract and with the holidays no one is hiring in his field until the new year.  Ugh... So while we have most of the Prague funds ready to go, we kind of need to hang on to them to see what happens work-wise with him.  BIG bummer.  Also, not super keen on trying to cycle in Europe in December... given the cost of flights, etc over the holidays.  So I've asked if we can postpone until the new year.

Unfortunately, she also sent me a list of our donor options which of course has me all excited, but I doubt they're all going to still be available when we're ready to cycle.  I know they really dug deep to get me any kind of wavy/curly haired donors with my blood group options, and I believe these are the only ones they have because two of our options are completely not at all close to what we requested aside from being O+ and having slightly wavy hair.

BUT... the beauty of having limited options is that the clear winner is easier to pick and boy Donor #4 is almost perfect!!  I have some concerns about her age - she is 29, which to normal people is perfectly healthy reproductive age, but I know that my battle with infertility started at 28, so in my mind there's a chance that she also has issues.  (We won't know if she already has any children).  She is tall at 5'10, has blue eyes and curly blonde hair and has the same blood group as the hubs (O-) I am O+ so we were happy with any O blood group.  We have similar hobbies and interests, though apparently she has a greener thumb than I do.

The fact that her description says "Curly" is significant to me because they seem to take the difference between "curly", "wavy" and "slightly wavy" pretty seriously.  Her hair is listed as "curly" which made me very happy.

Donor #1 was "a'ight" tall-ish, O+, wavy - brown hair.  She will be a good second choice, but Donor #4 is so perfect that I think she makes #1 seem less ideal than she probably really is.

Sooooo... Obviously we have a winner, but the question is, who will be available in the new year?? I guess we'll let fate decide how this all plays out.


  1. Donor #4 sounds awesome! I hope that she's available just when you need her. Although hoping that you won't need her at all. I'm glad you're back and posting regularly. I know that haven't commented much, but I went back to work and what little commenting I was doing went out the window. I hope that your husband finds work sooner rather than later so you can move forward! The wait seems interminable, I'm sure, January will be here before you know it.

  2. Ugh so sorry to hear about your husband's job situation. But you're doing the smart thing; so many others would just plow ahead. You have time, and you're setting yourselves up to support your baby down the road. Donor #4 sounds great, and I'm so glad the clinic is working hard for you!