Saturday, November 21, 2015

I was crazy to hope

Still no period and I am officially late, but the pre-period spotting started earlier this evening so I have no doubt I'll start tomorrow morning.

I broke down and tested on an old cheapie on Friday and it was negative. So there's no point in hoping now.

Thanks for the support y'all!

So onwards and upwards...

Donor #4 has confirmed her availability in Jan / Feb of 2016. However... Given the employment situation that date will probably need to be pushed out some more. We can't hold Donor #4 unless we pay a $1,500 deposit and we're just not comfortable putting that much down until we're sure what will happen with the hubs' job. We're trying to schedule a consult with Dr Prague for December - preferably not one of the 4am time slots they keep offering us.

So that's our news. I promise I'll catch up on everyone's blogs this week. I've been so out of the loop!

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