Monday, August 15, 2016

Hello. Is there anybody in there?

This post could also have been titled "Where the hell is my period?"

I'll spare you the suspense... I'm not miraculously pregnant... but in my last post I mentioned how I finally had a pill approved by my Czech doc, and I was waiting for my period to start...  Well, I'm still waiting...

Actually, weirdly, I had all those classic early-pregnancy symptoms I've read about:

  • Strange mid-cycle spotting CHECK (only it wasn't bright pink, more brownish pink)
  • 2 Days of nipples on fire CHECK (definitely only nipples)
  • Tiredness CHECK
  • Weird twinges and cramps CHECK
  • Cervix high, tight and closed CHECK
  • 3 Days late for period CHECK

But according to an old WONDFO I found in the dark recesses of my cute "TTC bag" of 2010 I am not pregnant.

So what gives?

I am not testing again.  But I have an appointment to meet my new OB on Wednesday and I will wait to see what he says.

At this point I am just praying that it's not a cyst or a fibroid or something else that will cause us to have to reschedule our Czech cycle.

I have never had a cyst (that I was aware of) and I've read enough IF blogs to know they're pretty common and they often cause IVF cycles to be cancelled or delayed. So I guess it's my turn... We'll see.

The thing that pisses me off about this is that I have just sort of made peace with the whole genetic link thing.  I was finally excited and hopeful about our DE IVF prospects.  We were riding high on the planning and preparation for our trip to Prague - although admittedly more than just a little stressed about the logistics of it all.

So why now?  Why does my b*tch of a uterus choose now to play with my mind?

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