Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

 My HSG yesterday had to be rescheduled due to EVERYTHING in our area being closed for a possible snow day -- which turned out to be nothing in the end.

So already the schedule has changed as follows:

2/3 - HSG and Test Transfer  (Previously scheduled for 1/31, then 1/28)
2/4 - Start Lupron
2/7 - Last day of BCP
2/10 - If my body cooperates and gives me a CD1 then U/S E2, LH & FSH
        -  Start assigned study drug (either Gonal F, or Afolia)
2/15 - Labs & u/s
2/17 - Labs & u/s
2/18 - U/s and E2 (am) -- Possible Trigger Day (Ovidrel)
2/20 - Possible retrieval, start Doxycycline
2/23 - Possible transfer day
3/10 - Possible first Beta

But this is really a good thing... I think... I have started bleeding. [TMI AHEAD] On Sunday it was a light spotting, Monday it was more than what I would call spotting, but still not as bad as my regular period, Tuesday it was bad enough to require multiple tampon changes every couple of hours, and today - while dark brown in color - I am still bleeding pretty regularly.  There has also been some mild cramps, similar to the cramps I used to get with my period when I was younger - pre-endometriosis.  All this time I have been dutifully taking my BCP at the same time.  I haven't missed a single one.

The trial nurse seems annoyed by it, but not concerned at all.  "The Googles" show that this is not uncommon in women who have been off birth control for a while -- in my case I took my last Depo shot in 2003.  Hopefully this all stops by Monday so I can do my test transfer, HSG and pap without any problems and start my Lupron on Tuesday.

The Doxycycline is making both of us SO sick.  If I don't eat enough food before I take it I am sick to my stomach and Mr. R finds that if he has any food in his belly when he takes his HE feels sick to his stomach.  But we're sucking it up and taking it dutifully every day. 

Things are moving forward.  SO EXCITING!!

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