Friday, January 17, 2014

Do not be anxious about anything...

I am not a religious person.  I was raised completely without religion.  I always thought of religion as a crutch.  Mr R was raised in a very religious household.  As a teen he went about handing out fliers and talking to complete strangers about Jesus.  Where religion is concerned we could not be more different.

In finding out that the trial had started we both reached out to the people we know to be "prayer warriors" and asked them to add us to their list.  My own agnostic (but formerly Catholic) mother has been attending mass every morning since the day we found out that the trial is back on.  She has been saying the rosary every spare chance she gets.

I have started praying WITH Mr. R every morning and every night figuring it can't hurt.

I stumbled into this quote on Kandie's blog yesterday and it gives me such a strong sense of peace.  My brain is running constantly with long lists of all the ways this is going to end badly.  Every step forward we take on this journey I keep waiting for someone to slap me across the face and bring me back down to earth.  I know that I need to try and remain positive, but as you all well know that's really REALLY hard to do... and then I read this, and I feel calm, and at peace and I wonder to myself if maybe, just maybe I need the "crutch" that I've always made fun of?

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  1. I was raised religious but am not anymore, but I still think it's nice when my family and friends want to pray for me. I figure in the end, it's all positive energy and I can use as much of that as I can get.