Thursday, January 16, 2014

(Some) Results Are In

I just got the call.  SOME of the blood work is back.  Well, the ones I was most concerned about are back anyway....

First a trip down CD3 test memory lane:

DEC, 2012:
AMH: <0.16
FSH: 19.8
E2: 17

MAY, 2013:
AMH: 0.28
FSH: 10
E2: 23

AMH: 1-3
FSH: 3-10
E2: 25-75


JAN, 2014
AMH: <not tested>
FSH: 8.9
E2:  50.1

HO-LEE-CRAP! My FSH and my E2 are now what they would consider to be "normal"!?!  My December 2012 readings were such that my RE opened the conversation with a recommendation of donor eggs.  "No point wasting money trying with your own.  These numbers do not bode well for you."

AHHHHH!!!!  I want to run around this office nekkid yelling at the top of my lungs!

Still Prolactin and Thyroid results to come, but I've never had any concerns around these two, so not super concerned... Of course now I've said that THIS is where the problem will be.  Erg. Infertility man. 


  1. haha! That is awesome!!! Happy for you!

  2. Wow, those numbers are great! Are you doing anything differently? Share with the rest of the class! ;)

    1. Well aside from all the supplements I started back in June... nothing. IN fact, I've even been slacking on the supps lately. We had a MAJOR shift in our relationship, things came up which could easily have broken us as a couple. I started a new job. We moved house. I gained back 20 of the 50 lobs I lost last year... I have even been smoking a little here and there and drinking coffee like a madwoman from all the stress and yet there they are "normal" numbers. Man I WISH they had tested AMH.

      Bear in mind though... the tests were done by the same company (Name begins with Q) who came back with results showing that I had chlamidya and siphilis when I started this whole journey... this was later shown to be false... so I don't really trust their results at all. But hey, if it means I am in the trial, then I will take them!