Monday, June 23, 2014

Apology & Update

This has been a rough, ROUGH weekend.  I am sad, depressed is probably more appropriate, stressed out and embarrassed VERY embarrassed.   Not sure how many (if any) of you read my last post, but to those of you who did... well... you will know what has happened and hopefully you will understand why I am feeling this way today.  That post wasn't up for too long, but it was unnecessary and ridiculous and I apologize to those of you who saw it.

I am going to leave that there and move on...

Tomorrow we finally go in for baseline US, bloods, and med walk-through.  After what has felt like months of waiting around taking BCPs by Thursday I should be starting Lupron, and Saturday I should start stimming.  At this point in my last cycle I would have listed all the things that could go wrong between today and first Lupron shot... But I am still trying to keep this a zen cycle and so I will not.  We're moving forward with a positive mindset and looking at tomorrow as the starting gun.  Let's get this train moving!!

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