Thursday, June 5, 2014

IVF #2: First Blood

So here we go... First bloods drawn this morning, first of 20 BCPs in (tomorrows is in my pill box).

I had forgotten how awful it is driving for 2 hours for a 5 minute blood draw appointment. Of course the fact that I was up for the second night in a row with excruciating cramps didn't help my mood. For 3 hours I paced up and down in tears. If this round doesn't work it's definitely time for me to get back in with an OB about my endo. And the best part of today's draw? I got Nurse Butcher. My arch nemesis. I don't honestly know how she keeps her job. I have never had blood drawn by her without leaving with a huge knot and blood blister.


  1. One thing I loved about my clinic was that the blood techs were all these teensy Filipina women who seemed to have such a knack for drawing blood both quickly and painlessly. Seems like such a stereotype somehow, but I was wishing for one of them when the nurse before my last retrieval butchered the IV in one arm so badly she had to go to my hand on the other side!

    1. This is a tiny Hispanic woman. She always wears black scrubs. Hair pulled back into a severe ponytail. Scowl on her face. One time she had the rubber band so tight that my hand was blue by the time she had filled all of her 6 or 7 vials of blood. I had to wait a few minutes before I felt my hand again and I had pins and needles for ages after she released the band. She was all frustrated when my beleaguered vein would only pump out a few drops on the last one... I am just grateful I still have use of my left hand. LOL