Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We've Got Dates

So apparently they do this by email and not by phone... who knew!

First up 20 long days of BCPs, with an overlapping 10 days of antibiotics and I won't even see Dr S or a single needle until 6/24 when I go in for pre-Lupron u/s, med review, labs, consents, and possibly (because this wasn't noted in my paperwork) Hysterosono and test transfer. Do you have that with every IVF cycle, or just the first?

The Schedule:
6/3 - CD1
6/24 - Baseline appointment
6/26 - Start Lupron
6/28 - Start stims
7/8 - Expected ER
7/11 - My 36th birthday
7/13 - Expected ET

And so you see I will be crossing over into the 36+ bracket next month.  But do not fear.  My ER is on the 8th, so while my uterus will be 36, the eggs will be those of a 35 year old.  *fist pump!*

I am heading back to bed.  I decided to re-watch Sherlock from the very beginning.  Can't focus anyway!

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