Monday, June 30, 2014

Monitoring #1

Today was my first post-stim start monitoring appointment.  I was excited to see how the follies are looking -- I've had all kinds of weird twinges, bubbling and tenderness in my abdomen this weekend (real or imagined) and I was excited to see what the 11 may look like today.  Turns out this was an E2 only appointment. Bleurgh! :(

I just had the call from the nurse.  E2 was 48.8 today (lower than the 58.6 I had at my last appointment... isn't that stuff supposed to go up when you start stimming?) But she didn't seem to have any issue with that number so I guess nothing to worry about.

Anyway... Per the doc I continue stims as I have been.  225iu Follistim AM and PM. Micro Lupron 20 units AM and PM.  Then on Wed I switch the evening Follistim for 225 Menopur.

Thursday morning I have another monitoring appointment this time with ultrasound.  Phew!  I am hoping that since I hadn't emptied my bladder enough before baseline u/s that there were more follies there than the nurse could see.  Now I am going in there with an empty bladder, and after a week of stims.  Hopeful that a few more might  magically appear!  If not, let's hope that the 11 are growing consistently and all keeping up.

In other news, holy Lupron headaches!! Pounding head all day today and I can't take anything stronger than Tylenol. :( Hope that this time it goes away, but I know from last cycle that these tend to go on for days.

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  1. Good luck with the follicle check. I hope you have tons growing! My E2 always rose pretty slowly, but you should have a better idea after the next appointment.