Friday, June 6, 2014


So you know yesterday I posted a pic of my blister pack of BCPs with one extra missing because I'd already portioned it out into my bowl?  Well I went to take my pills this morning and found that the pill wasn't in my bowl.  A ll others were there. Mr Rs bowl was empty because he dutifully took them last night. Sooooo I think I must have accidentally given him my BCP!

I called the clinic in a panic this morning and they say it's not a big deal and they'll give me one pill to make up for it. Phew!

To be fair, pill serving is an arduous task in our house. Just look at this...

The white bowl is mine, the owl spoonrest is his.

Oh man I have to be more careful!!  He's already taking Chlomid for his sperm.


  1. That's really funny! And such a crap load of pills!

    1. All our magic pills! Pills for DOR! Pills for Low Motility! Pills for MTHFR!