Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Goals: #1 Financing

What does any self-professed perfectionist do when they get results like these?  They research like crazy to figure out the BEST way to achieve their goal.  Well, no, that's not quite true... FIRST they make a list (in order of importance).  ;)


1)  Financing.  Need MONEY!
3)  Egg Quality.
4)  Research protocols for DOR 

Let's delve deeper shall we?


Our procedure from start to finish going to cost is $18,945 which breaks down as follows:

- RE: $10,695
- Egg Guy/Lab: $2,750
- Meds:  $4,500-5,500
- Urologist: $1,000

We already have (HAD... more on this in a later post) $3,000 so we needed to come up with an additional $15,945. *GULP!*

Now, my RE will allow me to pay 75% down on the first two items.  $10,083.75 and will allow us to pay the balance of $3,366.25 off over 6 months post test/end of cycle with first payment due in 30 days post test.

*My mouth gets dry just reading those numbers.  How about you?*

There is another beacon of hope here.  There is a program called Compassionate Care which may assist us with the medication costs.  Not all, but some of the meds in my protocol are covered.  (Gonal-F and Cetrotide.  They also cover Ovidrel, but Dr. C prefers to use Novarel and the good doctor will get what he wishes if I have to pay for it myself... somehow).  The Compassionate Care program is income based.  I am told that they will first examine my insurance coverage to ensure that there is no overlap, then enroll me into the program based on my income.  They offer a percentage based discount up to 75% off the total cost of these medications.  Looking at the bill of around $5,000 you betcha I'd like to see that discount! So that's (hopefully) 2 of the 5 drugs.   

Do you have any recommendations for pharmacies online or otherwise?  I see so many on the forums buying their meds online, but I am terrified of some fly by night scoundrel running off with my hard earned money.  I'm specifically looking for Micro HcG, Novarel, Estrace and Crinone 4 -- though some of these I am sure will have to be dispensed by the doctor, I am keen to have alternative suppliers lined up, just in case I have that option.

So let's assume the financial aid with Compassionate Care, and the dodgy internet purveyor of fine hormones can help me cut the pharmacy bill down to around $4,000, that, plus $1,000 for Urologist, plus the $10,083.75 down-payment with Dr. C brings us to $15,083.75 to get started, and then we sell the babe to the pixies for a pot of gold to pay the rest off within 6 months.


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