Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goals: #2 Improve AMH?

Today I'm going to get into Step 2 of my Goals list.  As a reminder, here's the list again:


1)  Financing.
3)  Egg Quality.
4)  Research protocols for DOR

So, yeah, improving AMH levels... Impossible right?  I was told as much by Dr. C however I proved him wrong in 4 short months by losing weight, eating clean, drinking 1gal of water per day and adding Fish, Flax, Borage, Omega 3,6,9 oil supplements.  I increased my AMH from <0.16 to 0.28 -- now I realize that those of you who don't have DOR will look at that and laugh at the "improvement" but my DOR girls will know what a big deal ANY improvement on that number is.  It IS possible.  I've already done it once.  I WILL do it again. Mark. My. Words.

There are few good sources of info on improving this online.  I will link to what I consider to be the best below.  (Actually, I think for convenience I will add a link list to my sidebar which will include ALL helpful links that I post about.)

The one I've seen posted about most frequently is Dr. Malpani and I think it's because he gives the clearest list of supplements/steps to take.

Here's what Dr. Malpani recommends:

1. Yoga
2. Acupuncture
3. ** DHEA, 25mg thrice a day. (tee-hee I love a man who uses "thrice")
4. Wheat germ daily
5. CoQ 10, 100 mg daily
6. Vit D3 ( Calcirol), 60000 IU, once a week for 10 weeks

In this article on the writer doesn't give much weight at all to AMH levels calling them unreliable.  She goes on to state that weight loss can improve these numbers.  I am inclined to agree with her on this part.  I've proven it myself, 40lbs down = an improvement of at least 0.12 points. Okay, so I've not solved the puzzle completely but given that "ideal" is 1-2, I'd say that's a pretty good leap, no?   In a more recent article she recommends a Vitamin D supplement and calls Vit D deficiency a "virtual epidemic".  Living in one of the sunniest states in the nation I have never been concerned with a lack of Vit D, but if it's being recommended by at least two sources I am going to give it a go.  Can't hurt, right?  I can also say that at first CD3 test in December, 2012 I was pretty much indoors all the time and seeing as how I have worked nights for two years I don't really spend a lot of time in the sun.  At time of second test in May, 2013 I was walking outdoors on a track in the sun almost daily in the afternoon for a minimum of 1 hour.  More sun = more Vit D = improved numbers.  It might be a bit of a stretch, but I can see that.  Be advised the FertileHeart site is very "new agey" and "touchy feely" in nature, but they do have some very interesting articles and I value and agree with their opinion on this.

Natural Fertility Info is another great resource site with natural supplements you can add to your regimen to support your body's natural functions and nourishing the edocrine system.  They make no claims that their suggestions will miraculously cure your low AMH. That being said, a number of the suggestions on their list are recommended above, and in tomorrows post on improving egg quality, so I am happy to throw them in with the pile of supps I am already taking.

And I am afraid that's it. I've scoured countless blogs and forums for the miracle AMH increase trick but aside from the above nothing of any real value comes back and I haven't been able to find any published studies that support either of the above two options either.  So when it comes to improving AMH we're kind of on our own.  None of the above would hurt though, right? (** There are warnings associated with DHEA so definitely research that one some more before you take it).  But what can it hurt to increase Vit D intake?  To add a little wheatgrass to your regimen?  Top that up with some CoQ10?  (One of these days I'll post a pic of my daily supplement intake that will have you in stitches I am sure!)

There you have it. Improving AMH is, in my opinion, not impossible, but not going to be quick, easy, or certain.  I feel that the changes required are not drastic and so I will continue working on the above in the hopes that by the time we get to trigger I have a bountiful crop of lovely, strong follies and many, many eggs! Now, please excuse me while I meditate on that... "Ohm... bountiful eggs, Ohmmm"

UPDATE:  In January 2014, after 6 months on this regime I have improved my numbers further.  Unfortunately AMH was not tested this round. But the other numbers look GREAT!  

UPDATE: In April 2014, my AMH has risen again, almost double what it was in May 2013 at 0.53.  Look, it's still not a normal 1, but I am halfway there! 

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