Thursday, July 3, 2014

Clearly I'm a Nutjob

Four.  That's all I have.

My right ovary decided to go on vacation.  I had 6 antrals on that side, but not 1 decided to join the party.  Left side had a better response with 4 out of 5 growing, but still... of 11 possibles all I have are 4 at this point.

Sizes:  13, 11, 10 and 9. The 5th is hanging around 6 and COULD still show up for me, but it will be a ways behind the others and probably not mature.  On the right side all 6 are between 4 and 5 and highly unlikely to show up.

Game plan for this weekend is to work on my stress levels, do my fertility yoga for blood flow, guzzle protein shakes and Mr R's big plan is to focus all the shots on my right side... I've explained that this won't make a difference, but I will let him focus on what he thinks will help at this point.

Next monitoring appointment is Saturday, possible trigger on Sunday night, but she says it's likely that we'll wait till Monday to trigger and push the retrieval back a day to Wed 7/9.

Okay, so let's focus on the positives? Last cycle I had 3 follies, 2 on the right which measured 20.52 and 14.87 at retrieval and 1 on the left measuring 14.07 at retrieval.  Only one was mature (obvs the 20.52) and while the other two matured over night, they failed to fertilize and arrested on Day 2. This cycle they are closer in size and it's likely that I will have more than 1 over 18mm at retrieval which means a higher likelihood of 4 MATURE eggs and hopefully then 4 fertilized eggs.

Premature question of the day?
IF we have 4 embryos,

1)  Do we risk going to day 5 and losing some?

2)  And if we have 4 do we still put 3 back? Or do we transfer 2 and save 2?

I need to quit thinking about this.... Meh.


  1. This is so frustrating. I'm sorry that you only have the four. BUT, four is four more than zero, which is awesome. And it's great that they're all close to the same size. For my clinic when they have less than 4 they typically transfer on day 3, rather than day 5. But if things look good on day 3, they push it to day 5, which is what happened to me. DOR is such a crappy diagnosis. You're always walking the tightrope of hope and despair. Hang in there and see what happens this weekend!

    1. Well I am HOPING that like last cycle the one mature egg I had was of excellent quality and was 8A with zero fragmentation on Day 3, and that this cycle IF we get 4 mature eggs that all 4 are in great shape on Day 3 and they decide to keep up moving to Day5.

      I am also thinking about maybe IF we get 4 good ones, that my doc will consider transferring 2 on Day 3, and leaving the other 2 to continue on till Day 5 and seeing if they make it to blast and can be frozen. Mr R is hell bent on transferring 3 whether its 3 on Day 3 or 3 on Day 5. I feel ridiculous thinking about this at this early stage, but I am terrible at last minute decisions so I need to weigh my options in advance so that I can make a quick decision on transfer day.

      Anyway, I am SOOOOO stoked for you!!! I celebrate every DOR pregnancy as if it was my own. You give me HOPE! Thank you.

  2. I would definitely be nervous about transferring 3, no matter what the quality. My clinic in Toronto refused to do it unless you were over 40 with numerous failures under your belt. As for day 3 versus day 5, I used to be an avid day 5 girl but have since wondered with DOR if it isn't better to try day 3 with dodgy looking embryos. My RE used to say if they didn't make it to day 5 in the lab they wouldn't do it in the uterus either, but I've since started to think that maybe that's arrogance on the part of doctors. No one knows exactly why some embryos stick in the uterus. Just my 2 cents to give you more to think about. I'll be hoping for lots of fat healthy eggs for you!