Monday, July 7, 2014

Monitoring # 4

Monday morning and here I sit in the doc's lobby waiting for my u/s.  I'm bloated to the point that I am running out of pants to wear comfortably... And I am gassy as all hell which pairs wonderfully with the other fab side effect of all this estrogen... Ridiculously high sex drive. This weekend I could barely keep my hands off Mr R! I think it helps to know that after trigger we're going to have to go 3 weeks without. I am a master of the lean-sit, push your hips to the front of the seat and lean back I to the chair back so your lower stomach is almost straightened out. It's super fun when you consider that I am just under 6feet tall and most of that height is legs so I look ridiculous but I don't care. I am super uncomfortable. How? HOW? Do those of you with normal ovaries and 12 large follicles deal with this?? These 4 are too much for me!

Today I plan on noting the sizes as she calls them out. Yesterday when measuring my right side the nurse gave me a measurement of one of the follies around 10, but when I logged in to my portal for the exact measurements it showed nothing on the right. In fact all of yesterday's measurements were "off" so today I am taking notes.

I still have such a positive feeling about this cycle. I find myself driving along and singing to my ovaries and talking to my eggs - willing them to grow. I'm starting to have flashes of images in my head of how my life will look with a baby - something I've never been able to do before. I hope that all this positivity doesn't burn me in the end. But I'm going to go with it. Last cycle I could not have been more negative and look how it played out... 

Phew! This post is already super long... Can you tell I was WAY early for my appointment and no one has blogged this morning so I have nothing to read.

Back from u/s and waiting to hear... My 20 is now a 21, my 17 is still 17, and my 14s are also pretty much unchanged.  And I confirmed... on the right, we're still sitting at just under 11mm... so he's no longer a contender. We MIGHT delay trigger another day, all depends on my blood work.  I am completely okay with whatever decision the doctor makes at this point.  Mr R would prefer to trigger tomorrow, retrieval on Thursday because then he'd get Thu and Fri off (recovery from TESE) before the long weekend.  I just want to trigger whenever we're likely to get the best return on investment.  I was really hoping that my right and the 5th on my left would show up, but now that that seems unlikely and we're looking at 4, with 2 of them probably being immature at retrieval... argh... I dunno....

Portal is not yet updated and I haven't received my instruction call, so I will close this out and add when I know more.


FINALLY had the call now.  We trigger tomorrow night.  My E2 is up in the 600s now and my LH is rising so we're out of time.

Follie Measurements: LT: 21.51, 17.81, 14.84, 14.32 RT: 10.88
Endo Thickness:  10.5mm

E2:  623
LH: 2.1
P4: 0.55

Retrieval is now set for Thursday morning. Oh PLEASE let those 14s do something amazing tonight!! (And please don't let the big guy go too far).  I talked earlier today about how positive I was feeling about this cycle.  Suddenly I am freaking out... I feel like we're going to wait too long on the 21mm and lose it, and the 14s will continue to stay put leaving us with just the 17mm in the lab.  One fert, one transfer, BFN.


  1. Sending you some great retrieval vibes!

  2. Sorry that I haven't been commenting, and thank you for all your comments on my blog, I appreciate them so much. But I'm hoping that the trigger goes well tonight, that those little follies produce some great eggs!