Sunday, July 6, 2014

Monitoring #3

We aren't triggering today.  Let me back up...

It seems that measurements yesterday (or today) were off...  On my right today they don't see any over 10mm, whereas yesterday they saw 2 at 9 and 10.  

On my left it seems the big 20.33mm one from yesterday is now 20.47mm, not much growth over night.  The others are:  17.69, 14.59, 14.26 - so some have shrunk? Or measured differently?  I don't know.  At any rate our doctor feels -- and I agree -- that it's worth waiting for those 14s to catch up a bit so while I could have triggered today, we're going to wait another day and see what we can do with the little'uns.

So we're looking at 4 mature eggs in a best case, but possibly will have to sacrifice the one (I am told that anything over 23 is probably "over-ripe").  I want those 14s over 16mm for best chance at maturity.

E2  414
LH 0.21
P4  0.45

Back for more monitoring tomorrow.

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