Saturday, July 12, 2014

Division Report

We had a call from the embryologist this morning - later than usual which had us a little nervous. He told us that we have 3 embryos. One is 4 cells, and two are 2 cells. He said we're pushing to day 5. 

Wait... What??

We were surprised because the embryologist we spoke with yesterday was very keen to go with day 3.

He explained that since we now have 3 "for sure" embryos he'd be more comfortable with waiting to see which of the 3 make it. 

We explained that we've spent the better part of 24 hours discussing putting 3 back with family and given our specific set of circumstances and our past experience we're ready to go with the 3 we have for a day 3 transfer.

He said that he understands our wanting to tackle this aggressively, but he would advise day 5. His partner - whom we spoke with yesterday - was pushing for day 3. We asked for a little time to discuss further and hung up. 

We frantically called parents and asked for opinions. They were all in agreement... Day 3. We called the embryologist back and we're set. Tomorrow at 0700 we will have all 3 of our embryos returned to me and then the waiting begins. Thanks to HCG booster shots I won't be able to drive myself crazy with POAS. This is a big gamble, but we're ready whatever the outcome. Realistically we know that while we have one strong front runner, the other two are slower and possibly weaker and may not make it. Chances are we could make it to the other side with one or none. Last cycle we had one perfect 8A zero fragmentation embryo and he didn't take. Who knows. We're giving it our all. 

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