Saturday, July 5, 2014

Monitoring #2

Looks like we've got a couple of new friends from the right ovary showing up to play... Maybe... Two more! Okay so they're still pretty small with one hovering around 10mm, but they're there. 

On the left our forerunner is already at 20 (growing about 6mm in two days) with the other 3 following a little behind at  15 and under and 1 more still less than 10mm.

They want me back tomorrow to take another look. The question is... Do we trigger tomorrow and waste all the little ones, or do we sacrifice the big one and trigger on Monday so we can reap the rest in their prime? We'll find out in the morning I guess. :/

Edited to add specific measurements:

Left: 20.33, 15.81, 15.20, 11.67 

Right: 10.16


  1. I think it was my second cycle, we sacrificed the lead follie to let the others catch up. It didn't end up being a great cycle, but I don't necessary think that had anything to do with it. Your RE should hopefully have a recommendation!

    1. Thank you! I didn't think I had heard anyone else mention sacrificing one for potential of more... or perhaps I wasn't paying close enough attention. I am now really scared we're going to lose that one. I've read that 23 is about as big as they can get without losing quality. It's 21mm today and we're only triggering tomorrow. The others are still growing but at a snails pace so I now don't think it was worth waiting.

      How are your embies doing?? Dying for an update! :)